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Why transcreation and not translation?

Transcreation originated in marketing and advertising to help ‘translate’ branded content. Well written marketing and brand content – designed to influence, engage and appeal to emotion – uses metaphor, idiom and other copywriting techniques, often supported by visual content. 

I believe that standard translation techniques are inadequate to reflect the quality of business-critical Dutch branded content. What you need for these business-critical communications is ‘transcreation’. 



A skilled transcreator can give this content the same impact using metaphor, idiom and other language styles which are intrinsic to the target language, and to the cultural context of the target- language audiences.

Before putting anything on the page the transcreator must understand both the purpose of the message and the (business) context in which it was produced and will be consumed.



This holistic approach contrasts with standard translation services which tend to be processed bit by bit, often on a sentence-by-sentence basis in a translation database.

This technique leads to a stilted communication result when applied to marketing and branded content.   Standard translation does have its uses of course, but as the word implies, for more ‘standard’ texts.



I received this compliment from the CEO of a leading Dutch business about the communications we’d produced to launch the company’s new strategy.

We achieved that result together because I’m a skilled native speaker translator and writer, who is familiar with the brand and operating context of the company and with the CEO’s personal communications style. All the ingredients you need for transcreation.

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