What I can do for you

I offer customised English language services of the highest quality for Dutch and international organisations working from the Netherlands

  • I interview business people in Dutch to create content in English
  • I translate business-critical Dutch communications into excellent nuanced English
  • I transcreate Dutch branded content into effective English branded content
  • I edit English written by Dutch nationals into clear, concise and readable content
  • I train business people how to write well in English
  • I write speeches and coach executives on their communication skills in English

I am an English native speaker, professional writer, editor and translator with decades of experience in multinational businesses in the Benelux

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Sectors I work in

  • Banking and Finance
  • Sustainability
  • Food and agriculture
  • Development banking
  • International relations
  • International Education
  • Mobility and transport
  • Marketing and branding

What I produce for clients

  • Annual reports
  • Website content
  • CSR reports
  • Brand Journalism
  • White papers
  • Crisis Communications
  • C-suite and executive communications advice
  • Strategic and corporate communications

About Jill Whittaker

A gift for languages

When I was eight years old I fell in love with the French language and never fell out with it. Looking back, the day I had my first lesson in French and ran home to tell my mum “Bonjour maman, je m’appelle Jill” was the start of my love affair with languages: first French, then Spanish, then Dutch, and, finally, my own ‘native’ English.

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